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Welcome. Our site designed to help webmasters and site owners find relevant directories.   We are proud to offer the largest directory list on the net. Wwe are here to help the website submitters (rather than the directory owners).  We give you info to help you with your submission decision.  Ultimately, you can use the information to make your own decision.  If you are planning to submit to a specific site, especially a paid one, we suggest you enter the domain in the search box above.  We try to tell you about the good, the bad and the ugly.

We have a collection of 2000 general directories. Our most popular collection is our free directory list. We also have a onvenient list of newly added free listings. Our listings comments provide you with relevant info to help you make your submission choices.  We work closely with our sister site Best-Web-Directories.com  to review general dirs.

We are especially proud of our niche lists.  Having your site listed on site that is closely related to your field of business will help improve your traffic and search engine rankings.  We have over 4000 niche listings in 100 categories. Our sitemap can also help you find the most appropriate category.

For some sites, a regional listing can bring free traffic from theircountry or local community. Of note are the lists for the counties of the United States (2000 listings), Canada (1000 listings), and the UK (500 listings).

We have accumulated some impressive lists of non-English language catalogues.  Of note are the German language and the French language lists.


 The Internet Press
The internet press is said to be the great equalizer. An exciting avenue of publishing where everyday people can compete with billion dollar corporations. These sites have the potential to bring your website some real traffic. This section includes social media sites, the highlight of which is our list of 300 social bookmark sites.

Directory Owners
We welcome your submissions but remember that we are not a regular dir. Our main focus is making the site useful for our users.
Unless your site is brand new, there is a good chance that we have already added it. Please do a search for your domain (e.g. google.com). If your site is not listed then submit it here.If you are a niche or regional site, then you should list it in those sections. If you are a general directory that offers free (no strings attached) listings then choose the "free" category, otherwise choose the   "paid/reciprocal" category.
Why do some listings have "nofollow" attributes.