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About our Free Directory List

Please note that the highest PageRank directory sites are not always the best. Use your judgment as in many situations PR is not everything. Often, people pick up dropped domains and slap a directory on it. It could take many years before the site iw worth what the little green PR figure is showing.  If a free site has been around for a year or more, has high PR but has relatively few listings then chances are that they are not listing many, or any free submissions. These sites may also offer reciprocal or paid submissions. Some directories call themselves free to get you to the site but their intention is to sell you paid listings.  A classic bait and switch approach.

These days, an average directory can receive somewhere between five and twenty thousand submissions per year. Some of these sites are either overwhelmed with submissions or they really only intends to publish paid listings. Brand new sites are often more eager to list you site. The reward comes years in the future as the directory grows and gains value. Your website may be listed near the top.

The service we provide

We visit the free directories in our list often.  We make a conscientious effort yo identify the sites that are not actively adding free listings. We point out the sites that are not SEO friendly and the sites that are not working correctly.  We point out the sites that are part of large networks of directories.  We also point out the sites that do not put any effort in building original categories.  We hope that we can help you make an informed decision for your submissions.

Sorting the list
The listings are sorted by PageRank (PR) but you can choose to sort Alphabetically or by the Date Added. To receive a list of the latest additions sort by
Date Added or use this shortcut for a list of new free directories.

Directories change their status to "Paid" all the time. We appreciate your help in letting us know when one of our listings is inacurate.  Please click on the "Report" button on the right of the listing. It is fast and you don't have to leave your name or email address. Thanks in advance.

We also maintain a list of directories that accept free deep links on our sister site.  Listings are updated very month.

Cost Definitions
Free: Directories that offer DoFollow listing without expecting anything in return (e.g. reciprocal link). These sites may also offer reciprocal or paid options.
Reciprocal or Paid: Everything else.

For our list of free directories, please see the Regular Listings below.

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Regular listings