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A webmaster is a person in charge of administrating a World Wide Web site.  A Webmaster is a person who creates and manages the information content and organization and/or with the server and technical programming aspects of a website.  A person who manages (takes care of) a site.

In general , a webmaster is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining websites. The role of can be specific (in a large organization) or general (everything in a small organization.  Roles and responsibilities can include web design, graphics design, server administration, site authoring. search engine optimization, programming, hosting, advertising and marketing.

Pricing Definitions for Directory List
Free:. Free listings are offered without restrictions (e.g. reciprocal link). These directories may also offer reciprocal or paid options.
Reciprocal: A reciprocal link is required as a condition of listing.
Paid: A payment is required.

Related: Along with the categories below you can find webmaster related lists in the Internet Press section. Examples include directory lists for articles, blogs, podcasts, forums and press releases.  We also have a Computer / Internet Article directory list.

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