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Why do some of our listings have "no follow" attributes?

  • Sites that are part of networks of poor SEO quality sites. **
  • Sites that are PR0 although they have been around long enough that they should have PR.***
  • Sites that are not functional directories as advertised. These sites may have disabled submissions,  have poorly functioning scripts, have hosting problems...
  • The site's SEO quality is such that it could hurt our rankings to link to it.
  • The site may have a Google penalty.

** Examples include a large amount of interlinked directories, directories on the same IP, duplicate directories, replicate listings over multiple directories.
*** After a PR update, I run an SQL query and set to "nofollow" all the directories that are PR0 but should have PR by now. All sites that were entered a month before the PR update would normally have PR.


Things change or directories change owners. If you have a comment or a "nofollow" attribute on your directory that is no longer warranted, just contact us and we'll look into it.